Abu Dhabi High Flying Pigeons Association was founded in 2001. The aim of establishing the Association is to develop and to enhance High Flying Pigeon's sport activities, it's competitions in Abu Dhabi and other Emirates of UAE in general. Immediately after being established; 100 players associated with this hobby joined the Association. Based on that, the Management Board of the Association was decided to extend activities of the association world wide..


The objects for which the Association is established are:
a) To promote the flying, breeding, keeping and exhibition of pigeons in every way in which the Association or the Central Committee of the Association shall think proper (the trend already set in Bahrain by Registering this support on Government level).
b) To make, adopt, vary, annul and publish rules and conditions for the regulation of the flying, breeding, keeping and exhibition of pigeons and to take all such steps as shall be deemed necessary or advisable for enforcing such rules and conditions.
c) To provide for the affiliation of clubs, societies and organisations promoting the flying, keeping, breeding and exhibition of pigeons.
d) To provide for the proper custody, insurance, protection, exhibition, awarding, distribution or other dealings with all cups, shields or prizes awarded by the Association.
e) To purchase or otherwise acquire any property of interest to the Fancy which shall be considered
for the benefit of the Association or calculated to promote or assist in the promotion of any of the objects of the Association.
f) To purchase, manufacture or sell, under such conditions as may be decided upon by the Association or by the Central Committee, marking rings to denote the age, size and identification number of pigeons and to acquire or purchase any patent, trade mark or registered design or register any patent, trade mark or design to be used in connection with such marking rings.
g) To subsidise any publication dealing with high flying pigeons and to print a newsletter or other publication relating to pigeons at the discretion of the Central Committee.
h) To subscribe from the funds of the Association to any fund, club or society having as one of its objects the flying, breeding, keeping or exhibition of pigeons and grant such other prizes as the Association or the Committee shall consider advisable.






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